An Easy Halloween Treat – with a Trick to use all year round.

Isn’t it fun how things you enjoy doing sometimes grab your kids’ attention and they want to do it too?  Unless it’s math…or cleaning…but then I don’t really enjoy doing those things either so I guess that’s a moot point.  Anyway, I love to bake and my four year-old loves to help.  This is a project that your kids can help with and it turns out great!  First, I’ll show you how to create Sugar cookies decorated with Spiderwebs and then I’ll show you how to carry the decorating trick throughout the rest of the year.  Here’s the Spiderweb cookie:

This is what you’ll need:

4 cups powdered sugar 8 tablespoons milk
Black food coloring (Betty Crocker works great) 2 ziploc sandwich bags
Sugar cookie dough (you can use your favorite recipe or, if short on time, grab a tube of Pillsbury Ready-made cookie dough)

Start by baking the sugar cookies according to directions and let cool completely.

When you’re ready to start decorating, mix the powdered sugar and milk together to create the glaze  (if it seems too runny mix in more sugar. If too thick mix in more milk).  Pour about 1/3 of the glaze into another bowl, add the black food coloring and mix together.  Pour glaze in to a sandwich bag.  Pour the remaining white glaze in to the other sandwich bag.  Snip a corner of each bag off and you’re ready to decorate.

*When decorating, it’s best to decorate each cookie completely.  Trying to save a step by covering all the cookies in white will result in the white drying too quickly.

Cover the cookies in white glaze.

Draw three black circles on the white glaze.

Obviously they don’t have to be perfect (wink).  This is where your child comes in.  Give them a toothpick and have them drag the toothpick across the icing.

Drag it through in a star pattern and this is what it looks like when it’s finished.

The cookie looks great, but I bet the gigantic smile on your child’s face is the neatest part, eh?

This design also becomes a great tie-dye cookie for a kid’s party by drawing stripes in different colors and dragging the toothpick straight down the cookie. It can also be a fancy Valentine’s Day cookie by using polka dots and dragging the toothpick in a circle.

Now you’ll be a hit wherever you bring these cookies and, most of all, with your kids!



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