My Kids Learned Multiplication with Rocket Math

Son Doing a Rocket Math Daily Test

My Son Doing a timed Rocket Math Test

My son is particularly good in math, and was asked to accelerate by skipping third grade math and joining the fourth grade math class. He was mostly prepared except he did not have his multiplication facts memorized, he could figure out the answer, but it took too long in order to be successful. The Rocket Math program puts the multiplication facts in an order that does not allow for quick skip counting in order to pass a timed test.

Rocket Math gives kids the tool to better apply math concepts by having the answers to math facts come in an automatic way. This easy system slowly adds a couple of math facts to a test until the students have all basic multiplication math facts memorized. Before taking the test, there are a number of math facts that they are asked to speak out loud to a partner. After this 2 minute practice they take a simple 1 minute test. That is it! When they are able to complete the timed test they move on to the next test which adds a few more multiplication math facts. My child can move at his own rate and the steps are small enough that the memorizing is not overwhelming.

Rocket Math Sample Test

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I bought the “Rocket Math Individual Classroom All Operations Lifetime License”. This includes 400 pages of Rocket Math Worksheets that include addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. It also includes motivational charts and instructions for implementing this math program. I wish that I had started this during the summer when the kids have a little bit more time. They could have started the year off right and ready to learn math concepts, and not spending time memorizing math facts.
Rocket Math worksheets can be found at Rocket Math’s home page.

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