Never ending chapped lips

lips I have had dry chapped lips for most of my life, but after my third child was born and a very stressful move, my lips were completely peeling three times a day. The surrounding area was also irritated making me look like I applied a very bad lipstick job or looked like a clown with huge lips. So much was going on in my life that I ignored my peeling lips and blamed it on the new dry climate I was now living in. I did try various lip ointments with no great results. Though I have to say that Aquafor and Vaseline were the best that I found. This was later seconded by a dermatologist.

Life settled down and I became very tired of the way my lips looked, so I made a doctors’ appointment. I was told that I actually had contact dermatitis and something that was coming into contact with my lips was causing the reaction. He was unable to tell me what it was, but suggested I try eliminating everything possible and then gradually add them back in to see if it was that specific item. So I eliminated everything but Aquafor and Vaseline. This included a different face wash, no lotion around the area, eating everything with a fork so food wouldn’t touch my lips and using Tom’s of Maine Strawberry Toothpaste and a bubble gum mouthwash, which I would spit out through a straw. My lips totally cleared up and became moist and voluptuous (at least I like to think so). But when I went back to my regular toothpaste and mouthwash the chapped lips came back. I found my answer. Who would have thought that I would be sensitive to toothpaste when it doesn’t even bother the inside of my mouth.

Anyway, it has been wonderful not having chapped lips and after some research I found that toothpaste sensitivities are not that uncommon. If you are suffering from chapped lips, there may be more to it than just the weather. It might not be a toothpaste sensitivity, but some other irritant coming in contact with your mouth. Trying the elimination test might help you find the problem. I still only use Aquafor and Vaseline on my lips, but now they feel and look good.

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