Tip to Help Save Your Trees During an Early or Late Winter Storm

Broken Tree Branch from Early Winter Storm

Broken Tree Branch from Early Winter Storm

October was a warmer than normal month here in Colorado, but during the week before Halloween we got an early winter storm that dumped about a foot of heavy wet snow. The trees were unprepared and had not lost their leaves. This caused extreme sagging and breaking of strong, beautiful tree branches; in fact several of our neighborhood trees cracked right down the middle. My heart was breaking as I looked around and saw how many trees we would be living without next spring. I decided to go get that snow off of my trees in hopes of saving a few of them, and it worked! In fact all of my trees made it through without any major breakage.

Hitting Tree Limbs to Remove Snow Out of Tree

Hitting Tree Limbs to Remove Snow

I found that my painter extension pole that extends to about 16 feet, a ladder, my ski clothes, and a little bit of sweat was all that I needed. It was rewarding to hit the branch with my pole and then see the whole side of the tree lift up a good 3 feet. As that bottom branch lifts up it causes the branch above it to also lose its snow. As I was “saving” my trees I heard this large crack, as another tree in the neighborhood lost its branch. I was able to do most of the work myself, but there were a few very high branches that I asked my husband to come help me with during his lunch break. As I look around now that the snow has melted I am so glad that I took the time to save my trees. I can almost hear them thanking me.

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