Waking up with Light

Philips Wake Up Light

Philips Wake Up Light

“BEEP….BEEP….BEEP” sounded the dreaded alarm clock. My body jolts to wake and I feel miserable. This is how I used to wake up, but now I slowly wake up as I sense the light turning on. My mind seems to gently switch from the dream world to reality just as easily as the light gradually increases in the room.

This great new start to my day is attributed to the Philips Wake Up Light. I need to be somewhere regularly at 6 am. I noticed that in the summer waking up early was no problem, but in the winter when it is cold and dark it was painful. This alarm clock has been everything that I hoped it would be. It starts at a really low brightness 30 minutes before your wake up time and increases its brightness until it reaches the level the user sets it to at the set wake up time. If that has not encouraged you out of bed then birds begin chirping at the wake up time. This is a setting that can be changed, but I really like the subtle bird sounds.

Gone are days of beginning my morning with my heart racing, and hello to looking forward to morning.

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