When it comes to running shoes is the extra money worth it?

Running Shoes I am one of those crazy people that truly enjoy running. I love almost everything about it. I love the feeling of pushing my body to its limit, the burn after a hard run, and most of all being able to totally clear my mind. It is my therapy session before I start my day. But there is a down side–shoes. I despise shopping for running shoes. Mostly because I know that I will be wearing them every day and that they need to fit just right or my feet/knees will hurt. So when it is time to replace them I go to a department store, try on all of the various brands, buy a pair thinking that it will do, and then end up buying an insert because my feet hurt.

Being disappointed with my past purchases I went to Red Rock Running Company, where I had my running gate recorded and analyzed. They then matched my specific gate to the shoe that would work best for my body. I immediately felt a difference though I was skeptical about how the shoes would feel in a week or so. The shoes cost about double what I normally paid in the past, but I felt it was worth it. Now a few months later I am still running strong and am insert free.

Old Tennis Shoes with Inserts

My old pair of running shoes along with inserts.

Running companies that analyze your gate are located in many cities throughout the States. Simply Google “running store” and your city to find one in your area. The analysis was free for me and I was not obligated to purchase shoes from them after it. Though it could be different with other stores. Also many of the shoes are located at other stores for cheaper prices. Once you find the best shoe for you, you can save money by buying it online or at a department store. Either way I figure that quality shoes are cheaper than knee replacements.

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