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Marriott Rewards When I purchase a product from a store a small amount of my purchase price goes to the credit card company I am using. I want some of that money back and the only way to do that is to use a credit card that gives me rewards. Some cards give you cash back, some will help you pay down your home, some will give you points, and some will give you airline miles. Choosing a card is difficult and should be tailored to your specific kind of spending. If you travel and usually use one airline, then getting a card that earns that airlines’ miles can be more lucrative than by using another. Word of warning: I pay off the balance of my credit card before incurring interest charges. Interest charges will cost much more than the rewards gained by using the credit card.

I love to vacation and one of my favorite ways to vacation with my family is with a suite that includes a kitchen. Therefore, Residence Inn by Marriott is one of my favorite hotels to stay at. It gives my larger family more room and a kitchen to prepare small meals. Although I do not stay at Marriott Hotels often, their Marriott Rewards Credit Card by Chase gives me the ability to accumulate many reward points through every day purchases. Another perk comes when I use reward points to stay at a hotel I do not have to pay taxes. This becomes a large savings because often resort areas add extra taxes. The advantages to the Marriott Rewards program are the following:

  • Reward points do not expire
  • Several opportunites arise for earning extra reward points throughout the year
  • For every 4 nights paid with reward points you get a 5th night free within one continuous stay
  • Bonus offers of free nights are given throughout the year
  • Offers a lower annual fee than most cards

I have been disappointed with other credit card reward programs that expire my points, or do not give me enough earning power with just using the credit card alone. I usually only stay in a Marriott hotel once a year and yet when I use my Marriott Rewards Credit Card for my regular purchases I earn enough points to stay for free every other year when my family visits Disneyland in Anaheim, CA. At least I am getting a little back from the purchases I am making year round.

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