Mitten clips…not just for mittens anymore.

Mitten ClipsDuring the holidays a few years back I planned a day to go Christmas shopping and take along my then one-year-old daughter with me.  I packed snacks and drinks for us and even remembered to bring my daughter’s favorite stuffed Piglet.   About three minutes into the first store Piglet dropped to the floor.  I picked him up and handed him back to my daughter. Piglet dropped again. I picked him up again.  After about 15 minutes I was no farther into my holiday shopping and my back was beginning to ache.  Then I spotted the mitten clip.  I clipped one end to the fabric on the stroller and the other end to Piglet.  Problem solved!  This has worked for lots of things…cuddle blankets, stuffed animals, the pacifier.

It’s also a great idea when traveling.  I’ll clip one end to the kids backpack and the other to their favorite thing and we’ve saved ourselves the mad dash back to the gate area or airplane to grab whatever was left behind.

And of course they are still excellent for mittens.

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