A fun tradition called Santa Mouse

Santa Mouse PresentOne of the best traditions I learned from my ex-husband’s family was one called Santa Mouse.  Each person in the family would have their own small box or bag that was hung on the Christmas tree along with the decorations.  On Christmas morning, you would find a present from Santa Mouse.

Who is Santa Mouse, you ask??  He is Santa’s mouse friend that travels along with Santa on Christmas Eve.  As Santa does his thing, filling stockings and leaving presents under the tree, Santa Mouse scurries around in the tree and leaves little presents in everyone’s special Santa Mouse box.

Over the years we have gotten really creative.  It’s sometimes easy to come up with small items for the girls…hello, jewelery.  But, for guys, it can be more of a challenge.  This is where a small note saying “I love you” can be great.  Or, leave a scrap of paper with instructions, such as, “Look in the kitchen, under the sink.”  Then, you can hide a larger present there, or leave another note to send the recipient on a quest throughout the house.

If your budget can handle it, a key to a vehicle is always a wonderful surprise.  Or, the key to your heart.  It’s your holiday, make it unique.

And, remember to leave some cheese on the cookie plate for Santa Mouse!

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