Christmas Traditions – Those we want to keep and others we don’t!

Whether or not you celebrate Christmas, we all have some holiday traditions.  In our family, we have a few favorites and one, in particular, that keeps happening even though we would like it to stop.

Involve the Kids in Decorating
Child's Paper SnowflakeI love to walk into a home that is decked out for the holidays.  The sights and smells invoke wonderful memories of past Christmases.  It is fun to involve the kids in the decorating process. So here are a couple inexpensive ideas to help decorate your home and keep the kids busy.

  • Cut out paper snowflakes and hang them with string from your ceiling. You can also tape them on your windows and walls.
  • Make a paper chain to hang from doorways and walls.  You can cut out green and red construction paper or cut strips of paper from holiday designer paper.  Staple or tape the ends together to form a long chain.

Visit a Tree Farm to Pick the Perfect Tree
One of our favorite traditions is going to a tree farm to cut down our Christmas tree.  We wander around and examine every tree to make sure that we find the perfect Christmas tree for our home.  Our only rule is that both kids have to agree on the tree.  When we do find the tree, we stand in a circle around the tree and sing “O Christmas Tree.” We do not sing the correct words, we just keep singing O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree, to the tune of “O Christmas tree”.  Sometimes other people will join in the singing with us and others will tease us and say “So that is why you came when nobody else was here.” I find it interesting that my kids are not embarrassed by this tradition and sing out nice and loud.

Spend Time with Family
Another tradition is going over to my parent’s house on Christmas Eve.  My mother loads up her dining room table with all kinds of cookies, hors d’oeuvres and delicious food.  This is the one time of year that kids and adults alike are allowed to bring food and punch into the living room that has white carpeting.  We all gather as family and friends and sing our favorite Christmas carols starting with the youngest and ending with the oldest.  This tradition is one of my kids’ favorites, so much so that they do not like to be anywhere else on Christmas Eve.

The One Tradition I Would Like to Stop
Fallen Christmas TreeThe tradition that I would love to stop is one that involves our Christmas tree.  Almost every year for the past 6 or 7 years our tree has fallen over after it has been decorated.  You might be thinking to yourself that we should tie it to the wall.  That is easier said than done. That is my husband’s job, you see and tying a tree to a wall is the equivalent of a man asking for directions.  Every year he assures me that the tree will not fall over and every year it falls over when he is not home.  Note: I think I may have figured out how to stop the falling Christmas tree tradition.  I have threatened my husband with an artificial tree the next time it falls.  Because once again, the tree is not tied to the wall.

Making Homemade Ornaments
This brings us to our newest family tradition, making un-breakable Christmas ornaments.  Last year we made a lot of paper angels.  I have not figured out what I will add this year, but you can be sure that it will not break if it is suddenly thrown onto my hardwood floor.

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