Gift ideas for the Teacher from the Teachers themselves

Child Giving a Teacher's AppleEvery year I struggle to come up with a gift for the teacher.  This year instead of guessing, I decided to go right to the source.  I know several teachers and decided to ask them what some of their favorite gifts have been and here’s what they said:

1.  There was a tie for most popular but the sentiment is the same.  A hand-made ornament or card from the child.  Quite a few teachers said they still have some of the notes, and the ornaments are still hanging on their tree.

2.  Coffee coffee coffee.  Gift cards to the coffee shop near the school or a small basket of coffee products is a fan favorite.  Since I need a caffeine boost to get the kids up, fed and ready for school I can completely understand this one.

3. sells a pewter ornament for under $10 and with a purchase of that ornament a tree is planted by the National Forest Foundation to help Reforest America.

4.  Small theme baskets.  I’ve given ‘A Night at the Movies’ where I picked up a movie rental voucher, a packet of popcorn and some candy.  The Dollar Store always has fun holiday containers or gift bags to keep the cost down.

5.  Another teacher said vouchers for the local car wash.  I’m not sure about this one.  Could that be taken as you’re-a-wreck-and-the-least-you-can-do-is-keep-your-car-clean?  I might over think things. Maybe.

Something to keep in mind is a few teachers said they will throw away home-baked goods (that was like a knife in my chest since I’m obsessed with baking).  It was divided equally between not knowing the state of the baker’s kitchen – clean or not clean – and not needing the extra calories in an already high calorie-laden season.

Hopefully one of these suggestions will help you come up with a fun gift for one of the most important people in your child’s life.

Happy Shopping!

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