How to Make a Paper Angel Ornament

I love a Christmas tree that has a variety of ornaments.  My tree has all of the kids’ homemade ornaments from years past, and some new ones (because they were broken when our tree would come crashing to the ground).   I try to add at least one new ornament every year to help replenish the ornaments that were lost.  One of my favorites is a paper angel.  It is very simple to make and would be fun to make with your kids.

Supplies needed:

2 pieces of designer paper cut to 4in x 6in Gold pipe cleaners cut into 2in pieces
White tulle that is 6 inches wide 1/8in wide ribbon (your choice of color)
Skin colored cardstock 1 1/4in circle punch
Glue stick Stapler
Glue gun Thin black marker
Pastel chalk or blush for the cheeks


  1. Angel Dress:  First glue your two pieces of designer paper together using your glue stick.  Make sure that the pattern side of the paper is facing out.  When that is dry, fold the paper like a fan.  Squeeze together one end of the fan, and staple.  You now have your angel’s dress.
  2. Angel Head & Face:  Next, punch out two circles with your circle punch and glue them together (if you don’t have a punch cut out two circles with scissors).  Go ahead and draw your eyes and mouth.  I rubbed a q-tip on my pastel chalk and then made a circle where I thought the cheeks should be.  After you have completed your angel’s face, use your glue gun to attach the circles to the top of the angel’s dress.
  3. Angel Wings:  Next, scrunch up a piece of the tulle together (I used a piece about 12in long) and tie it together with a piece of ribbon.  Tie the ends of the ribbon together so that you have a loop to hang your angel on the tree.  Your angel wings are complete.  Take your glue gun and attach your wings to the back of your angel’s dress.
  4. Angel Halo:  Next, take a piece of the gold pipe cleaner and shape it into a halo.  Take your glue gun and attach your halo to the back of the angel’s head.

The final step is to hang your angel in the perfect spot on your Christmas tree.  I hope that you have a lot of fun making Christmas angels and Christmas memories with your family and friends.

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I am a stay at home mom to 2 teenagers. I have a 20 year old daughter and a 17 year old son, and a husband who is just a big kid at heart. I teach piano lessons from my home. I am going back to college and sometimes wonder if I am crazy for doing this. I absolutely love anything and everything crafty. I especially love to stamp, crochet and sew.

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