How to Teach Your Child to Read (with video demonstration)

Child ReadingI decided it was time to teach my oldest daughter to read.  I wanted her to be a confident reader before entering kindergarten.  I was pumped, I was ready and I thought where do I begin?!?

Well, I guess that is where being the little sister has its perks (there are many Ramona Quimby moments, but we’ll talk about those another time).  I called Tiff, my older sister, and she told me about this great book she had used with her kids, Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons, by Siegfried Engelmann, Phyllis Haddox, and Elaine Bruner.  I ordered it from Amazon and loved it!

It is very clear to follow and I believe we got great results.  The book tells me, the teacher, exactly what to say.  The black text is instruction for me, and I read the red text out loud to the child.  This book uses the DISTAR method of teaching, which is a phonics-based method, as opposed to the method used in most school systems that is more similar to a look-say or sight word method.  As an added bonus, the book also focuses on reading comprehension.  You ask your child questions about the stories that they read so they learn to comprehend what they are reading.

We have completed the 100 lessons and I hear my daughter sounding things out all over the house.  While I was making pancakes for breakfast I heard her sounding out lllooog caaabiiinnn sssyyyrrruuup (Log Cabin Syrup), I picked her up and we ran around the kitchen together I was so excited and proud of her.  We had a great experience with the 100 lessons, it was something special that we accomplished together and I believe it will help her have more confidence and success in school.

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