Spicy Mango Slices Dipped in Chocolate – My Favorite Easy Dessert That Looks Totally Gourmet

Melted ChocolateThis is the easiest quick dessert that you will love and make over and over again.  3 ingredients, a quick melt of the chocolate and you’re done.


  • Dried Mango (plain, NOT sugared)
  • Chocolate (use what you like, from chocolate chips to chocolate bars)
  • Hot Pepper spice (I prefer Ground Cayenne, but will use Chipotle or even a Chili Powder blend with cocoa.  TASTE the spice to make sure that you like it, and use a couple of different ones until you find what you like best, or just as variety)


  • Separate the mango slices from one another, saving the smaller pieces for snacking later or use them to scrape the remaining chocolate out of the bowl now as a treat – you don’t want to waste the last of the chocolate!
  • Place a piece of wax paper about the size of a large cookie sheet on your counter.
  • Melt the chocolate carefully so as not to burn it.  Use a double boiler, or the microwave.  If using the microwave and large chunks of chocolate, do 3-4 times at 20-30 seconds each, stirring each time, and removing when just starting to melt through.  Chocolate chips melt much faster.
  • Dip one end of the mango slices in melted chocolate.  Or, use the back of a spoon to “paint” the chocolate onto the slice for a more accurate application.  Place slices on waxed paper.
  • Sprinkle slices with hot pepper before chocolate sets up.  Your tolerance of pepper heat is your guide.
  • Leave on counter for chocolate to dry thoroughly.  Drying time depends on room climate.
  • This dessert can be transported very easily once they’re set, stack up the slices and you’re ready to go.  Just be aware of temperature if it’s warm, so the chocolate doesn’t start to melt making the slices stick together.
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