Good-bye slobs! Teaching kids to clean up after themselves!!

Does having clothes on the floor after bath time, toys dropped randomly in every room, dirty dishes on the counter and wrappers left where they were open sound familiar?  It was a constant at my house.  Now I do not think my kids are any worse than most, but I like things tidy.  Having a cluttered house makes me nervous and to be honest a little irritable.  So it has been my quest to figure out a way to get my kids to put away their clothes, toys, dirty dishes  and trash.  I have tried many things, but they have not worked the best.  And I do not like to nag all day long.  Of course the house would always be clean if I did that, but I do not want to be the mom that is always on my kid’s case.  Mostly I want them to learn how to be responsible for the messes they make.  I think it is a wonderful skill to learn.

Pay up, Sweet PeaWith that said, my hubby and I came up with a plan.  If the kids do not pick up their toys we will, but they go into a bin in my room.  The kids can earn them back by doing extra chores.  I soon found that this method was not enough, because my son didn’t care if his clothes were thrown in the bin and not to mention the toys he played with but didn’t really like.  I would be fine giving the unwanted toys away, but his sister likes them.  So step 2 of the plan was made.  For any clothing, trash, or unwanted toy that I pick up, the offending child owes me 5 cents.  This really gets my kids attention.

I love this plan because there is no more nagging.  I will give reminders occasionally, but mostly the kids are quick to do it on their own.  I even heard my son tell his friend ” Please don’t leave anything out.  If you do my mom will take it away or make me pay for it”.  LOVELY!!

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I used to be a nurse, but now I am blessed to stay at home with my three children. While they and my hubby are the bright spots in my life, I also enjoy do it yourself projects, running, shopping (oh how I love to shop), reading, mountain biking, and playing sports with my family.

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