How to make a Soft and Comfy Rag Quilt

I love rag quilts!  They are so easy to make and when the seams fray they are so soft.  Once you feel one you will want one for your very own.  They make wonderful gifts for almost any occasion.  Right now my favorite to make is a baby rag quilt made with flannel and soft and comfy fabric.  A lot of you may know this fabric as Minky.  At Jo Ann Fabrics it is called soft and comfy.  Either way you will not be able to stop touching the fabric.

If you are a new sewer or you want to learn how to sew this is a great beginning project.  I am using a special tool to cut out my squares.  You do not need this tool to cut squares if you know of another way.  It is not important how you get your squares, just that you have them.

Here is a list of supplies needed to make this blanket:

Sewing machine and thread for your machine scissors
pins rotary cutter
cutting mat Shape cut plus cutting tool (not necessary if you don’t have one)
2 yards of flannel 1 and 1/2 yard of Minky (or Soft and Comfy)

Step 1 Rag Quilt1. Place your cutting mat on a sturdy table, place your flannel on your cutting mat and then lay your shape plus cut over your material.  Use your rotary cutter to cut the desired size strips. I made 5 and 1/2 inch strips.  Then place your strips of flannel on your mat and then lay your shape cut plus over your strip and use your rotary cutter to make 5 and 1/2 inch squares of fabric.  Repeat this process with the Minky material.

For the baby rag quilt I needed 36 (5 and 1/2 inch squares) of flannel and 36 (5 and 1/2 inch) coordinating squares of Minky.

Now let’s start sewing!

2. You will need 1 flannel square and 1 minky square.  Place one on top of the other with wrong sides together and right sides showing.  Repeat this with another flannel and minky square.

3. Now you need to make sure that you have one with a flannel side facing up and one with a minky side facing up.  You will have a total of 4 pieces of fabric.  If you need to you can pin the edges down on the right edge of the square so that the material does not move.

4. I sew this blanket together with a 1/2 inch seam allowance.   I use only the straight stitch on my machine.

5. Place this under the pressure foot of your sewing machine.  Once you have the fabric where you want it, put the pressure foot down.  Go ahead and sew the squares together.

6. When you open up your squares it should look like 2 squares are sewn together and you want the seams to be the top of your blanket.  The smooth side will be the bottom of your blanket.

Step 6 Rag Quilt

7. Next take another piece of flannel and another piece of Minky.  I like to alternate my flannel and minky, but this is your blanket so design it the way you want.  Make sure that the wrong sides of the fabric are together and the right sides of the fabric are showing.  Now place the material that you just sewed together on top of your new square.  Even up your edges and pin the right side of the squares. Now sew and when you are done you will have three squares sewn together.  Repeat this process until you have a row of 6 squares.

Step 7 Rag Quilt

8. Once you have your first strip of 6 squares put it to the side.  Now repeat the process that you used to make your first 6 squares but make sure that a different fabric will be the first square.  When you have your second strip of 6 squares together you will be ready to sew the 2 strips together.

Step 8 for the Rag Quilt

9. Place the sides with the seams showing together.  Even up your edges and pin down the right edge.  Sew the 2 strips together.  When you are done, both strips of squares should have all their seams showing on the same side.  You should now have only 1 piece of material.Step 9 of the Rag Quilt

10. Make another strip of 6 squares.  Make sure your are alternating your fabric.  Sew this strip to the other one so that you now have 3 rows with all the seams showing on the same side.

11. Continue this process until you have 6 rows of 6 squares.

12. The next step is to sew a 1/2 inch seam around all of the edges of the blanket.  This keeps the outside edges together.

13. Now we are ready to start cutting.  Yes, you heard right we are going to cut all of your hard work.  Don’t worry this is what will start the flannel fraying and make your blanket even softer.

Step 14 Rag Quilt14. When I am using minky I like to make wide cuts in my material.  I start with the outside edge of the blanket and eyeball how far apart I make my cuts.  You want to cut through both pieces of material at the same time.  It is okay if the cuts are not evenly spaced.  You also do not want to cut through your seam, if you do you will have a hole in your blanket.

15. Once you have cut all the way around the outside edges, it is then time to cut all of the seams.  I like to go row by row.  When I think I am done I check the blanket to make sure that I did not miss any seams.

16. Now it is time to wash your blanket.  This starts the ragging process.  The flannel will start to fray in your washing machine.  I like to do this step anyway because we have a woodstove in our home and this helps to get the smokey smell out of the blanket.  It makes for a nice clean gift.  Once it is washed and dried you are ready to wrap your blanket for a gift or keep it for your family to snuggle with.

Step 15 Rag Quilt


  • You could use fleece.  If you use all fleece then you do not need to double the material for the blanket unless you want to.  The fleece will not fray so I make about 1 inch cuts in the material.  I like using fleece because it is such a warm material.  You do not need to wash your blanket if you use fleece.
  • You could use all flannel.  This is nice if you are giving this to someone who lives in a warmer climate.
  • You could make your cuts closer together if you wish.  If you want to make this blanket bigger then cut more squares.  You can also make your squares bigger.  This is your blanket so have fun creating your own design.

Leave me a comment and let me know how your blanket turned out.

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