My kids fight to clean the toilet. Honestly!

Saturday in my house…”Connor you need to empty all the trash cans this weekend.”  “Ok Mom, but I still get to clean the toilets, right?”


This is NOT a typical Saturday in your house??  Hmmm.

Fresh BrushYes, that really did happen.   Scrubbing Bubbles has created the Fresh Brush Cleaning System which is a long slim handle with ‘jaws’ on the end that hold a flushable pad. When the pad is immersed in water the cleaning agent is activated, which disinfects the bowl and turns the water blue.  Scrub around the toilet bowl with the pad and when you’re finished simply open the jaws, release the pad and flush it away.  The cleaning pads contain no phosphorus and breaks up like toilet paper so they’re safe for your plumbing and septic.

In Kid’s speak, you get to use a really cool stick with clamper jaws that turns the water blue and without touching it, you get to flush the cleaning agent away.

In Mom’s speak, you have a toilet bowl that will stay clean for about 7-10 days and there’s one less thing on your to-do list.

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