New Years Resolutions – are we keeping them or setting ourselves up for disappointment?

Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-boundAccording to the dictionary, a resolution is the act of resolving or determining upon an action or a course of action.  This is the time of year that we reflect on ways that we can improve ourselves or our quality of life.  If you are like me your resolution every year is to loose weight and every year that resolution is not met.  This is not because we do not have the desire to be thinner or healthier, I think it is because we do not plan out our course of action on how we will achieve this goal, because that is what a resolution ends up being, a goal.

Here are a few ideas about setting goals, that I learned in my class last semester.  I learned about SMART goals.  The letters stand for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time – Bound.

So imagine that I set a goal to loose weight.  To make this goal happen I need to put a specific number down.

Then I need to figure out how I am going to measure my progress.  Do I have a scale or a tape measure? Maybe I want to join Weight Watchers and that will be how I measure my progress, with weekly meetings. Whatever your goal is it is important to have a way to measure your progress.

Is my goal attainable?  If I had written down that I want to loose 100 pounds by June, then I am setting myself up for disappointment.  Instead I will say that I want to loose between 4 and 8 pounds a month.  1 – 2 pounds a week is a healthy sustainable weight loss. That is something I will be able to achieve.

Now is this goal Relevant to my larger goals?  I think it is because in the long run my ultimate goal is to become fit and healthy.  By doing this in smaller steps I will be able to achieve my ultimate goals.

Next do I have a specific date or a time line, to achieve this goal.  My answer would be yes, because it is a monthly goal.  So by the end of each month for this year I would like to have lost at least 4 pounds (I don’t want to find those pounds ever again, they can stay lost)!

There are also other things you can do to help you achieve your goals.  Tell someone what your goal is. Find other people who have similar goals and work together to accomplish them.  Put positive reminders up all over your home.

The biggest thing to remember is, that it is ok to make a mistake.  If you fall off the goal wagon, just pick yourself up and get right back into it.

I would love to hear what your New Years resolutions are.  Leave me a comment and let me know how you are doing with your goal.

Happy New Year!

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