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Tiny Diner PlacematI fell in love with two products when my son was a baby – the Tiny Diner Placemat and disposable placemats.

Who doesn’t like to go out for dinner?  And how great is the day you can leave the infant seat in the car because your baby has graduated to the high chair?  One evening out I noticed the table was sticky where my son was sitting so I took out the ever useful wet wipe to clean the table off.  When I looked at the filthy wet wipe after using it, it hit me that the rags they use to wipe down the table do just that, wipe down the table.  It does not clean or disinfect it.  So began my quest to find a solution.  Laying napkins in front of a busy child quickly turns into confetti or gets eaten.  Regular placemats are awkward to carry. Then I found the Tiny Diner Placemat.  It’s made of rubber, has suction cups on the underside to keep the mat in place and a ‘tray’ that hangs over the edge of the table to catch any stray cheerios or spaghetti noodles.

Rolled Up Tiny Diner PlacematWhen dinner’s over, simply roll the mat up (it rolls right into the ‘tray’), pack it in your bag and when you get home you can wash it down with soap and water.  The placemat is also great to use at home for toddlers that have left the high chair but still need an area to catch food.

For those of us that may forget to put the placemat back in the bag after cleaning (ahem), or don’t need something else to put in the diaper bag, another great idea is disposable placemats.  They fold up compactly and can be stashed in a purse, glove compartment or carry-on bag.  These one-time use placemats have adhesive on the underside that sticks to the table and is easily removable when you’re done using it.

These are my go-to ideas for baby shower gifts too.  Anything I can do to help make a new mom’s life a little easier!

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