Add Flair To Your Cupcakes – Color Stripes, Rose Patterns, and Filling

Next time you’re asked to bring cupcakes to an event, try these decorating tips to add a little flair to your dessert. Wouldn’t it be neat to frost the cupcake to look like a rose or with a little food coloring, add a splash of color with a stripe?  Both techniques are really easy and take little know-how.

To add a color stripe supplies needed:

24 cupcakes Your favorite buttercream frosting
Food coloring – you can find at any grocery or hobby store Toothpicks
A cake decorating bag – I like to use disposable but any kind will do A decorating tip – for this demonstration I used a #1M.  It’s a large tip that fits right in the bag and doesn’t require a coupler.

Insert the tip into the bag.  Drop about a pea-size amount of food coloring on to a plate.  Dip the toothpick into the food coloring, making sure to coat about the pick about halfway up.

Take the toothpick, stick it all the way down in the bag close to the tip.  Drag the toothpick upwards along the inside of the bag to make a strip.



Fill the bag with your buttercream.  The food coloring might spread a little, but it won’t ruin the overall effect.

Fold down the top edge of the bag.  Give it a gentle squeeze so the frosting moves into the tip. The food coloring will add a stripe to about 12 cupcakes.  At this point you can simply decorate the cupcake with frosting or follow these additional steps on how to make a rose pattern.


How to make a rose pattern (supplies needed are the same as above):

Starting in the middle of the cupcake, squeeze the frosting out.

Squeeze enough that it will look like it’s squishing out the sides of the tip.

Moving clockwise in a circular motion, add more frosting.

Here is the rose cupcake completed.  Next to it is a cupcake that was decorated with the same tip, but instead of starting in the center of the cupcake, I started on the outside.  Sorry, my frosting on that one is a little lopsided:


1.  You don’t have to limit yourself to one color stripe, try several different colors.  Imagine a rainbow striped cupcake or your school’s colors.

2.  If you make the cupcakes ahead of time, do NOT store them in airtight containers.  Believe it or not, while the top of the cupcake will feel tacky, the cupcake itself will dry out.  If you have a fancy fondant cupcake topper it may soak up some of the moisture, thus ruining the decoration.  Most grocery stores sell the plastic cupcake containers for about $1 and will store the cupcakes perfectly.

2.  How do you keep those cupcake wrappers from pulling away from the cupcake?  My experience has shown that baking the cupcake fully is the key.

3.  If using a box cake mix follow the directions EXACTLY.  Mainly the mixing time.  If you don’t mix long enough the ingredients may not mix together completely and the result will be inconsistent, lumpy batter.  If you mix too long your cake will be too dense.

How to fill your cupcakes:

Filling your cupcakes is a great way to add a subtle flavor such as lemon or butterscotch and will also help curb dryness from overcooking or if the cupcakes were frozen and defrosted. You don’t need a fancy tip to inject the filling into the cupcake–a ziploc bag works just fine.  Pour your filling into the ziploc bag and cut off one of the corners.  Put aside.  Take a sharp knife, cut out the center of the cupcake.  Pick up the ziploc bag, insert the cut end into the cupcake and squeeze bag to squirt filling into center.  When done, your cupcake should look like this:

Don’t worry if it’s messy, you’re going to cover it in frosting and no one will know the difference.

Filling doesn’t need to be complicated.  Use frosting or better yet, I’ve received most compliments on filling when I’ve used pudding.  They have all kinds of flavors – lemon, butterscotch, vanilla, you name it.

Frosting spread on a cupcake with sprinkles is nice, but use these ideas and ‘Wow’ the crowd!

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