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IntelliGender is an at-home urine based gender prediction test. They claim a 90% accuracy rate as early as 10 weeks gestation when the directions are followed strictly. We only discovered IntelliGender with our last two pregnancies, so my review is based solely off those results and not the product’s statistics.

We took the test just for the fun of it. We did not go out afterwards and purchase clothing, pick out a name, or paint the nursery walls. The tests are sold in pharmacies, such as Walgreens, and online. The average price is $30. The product stresses the importance of following the instructions precisely in order to get accurate results, even going so far as to state that men should not handle the test in any way. After reading this I banished my husband to the next room. I then read the instructions about as seriously as you would read instructions on how to diffuse a bomb. I was determined to give this test a fair chance in proving skeptics (such as myself) wrong.

Basically it’s much like a pregnancy test in that you take a sample of early morning urine in a cup. Then using a syringe, included in the kit, you collect a measure of that urine and inject it into the actual test. The test cup is about the size of a dixie cup and has some dark green powdery substance in it. Then you must swirl, not shake or stir, the kit and wait one minute. Ah, the “one minute” wait, the awkward lapse of time that seems like forever and you and your spouse just stare at each other, make small talk, or find some other way to pass the infinite minute. Much the same way you waited for two lines or one line a few months ago.

The results will show either a dark green color which indicates a Boy, or an amber orange color that indicates a Girl. The product’s website shows sample tests that you can compare yours to for reference. They also let you send in a picture of your results for them to analyze if you just cannot decifer the color for yourself.

As for our results, the first test said “Boy” and our son was born months later! Note: I really was hoping for a girl that time and even took the test a second time a few weeks later. I didn’t follow the instructions as carefully and took the test in the middle of he afternoon while shaking instead of swirling the liquid. I did this secretly hoping it would skew the results toward a “Girl”, but no, it still came back “Boy”.

This last pregnancy I took the test  at about 13 weeks. I followed the directions precisely and received an amber orange color result. We welcomed our baby girl in January!

This test was a memorable part of my pregnancies much the same as my belly photos and baby books. We placed bets, snapped pictures of the results and waited for the ultrasound to confirm our predictions. For us this test was 100% accurate. On the flip side, some of my friends have not gotten correct results. However, we all seem to agree it was still a fun little test for the money.

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