The Woman in Black – Movie Review

Woman in Black - Movie ReviewI went to a movie on opening night!  I almost never do that, but both kids were out of the house, how could I not?  My son was at a camp out and my daughter was at a sleep over, so I felt I should get out of the house and do something that I wouldn’t do with my kids in tow.  I love scary movies but no one else in my house does, so this was the perfect opportunity to indulge myself.  Now the problem with scary movies is, I don’t watch anything that is rated R, so there are not many of these movies that I can actually see.  Anytime one comes out that I can see I get very excited.  The Woman in Black stars Daniel Radcliffe whom I enjoyed in Harry Potter, but I wanted to see what he could do with a more mature character.  So off I went to the movies by myself.  Brave, right?

It is a story about a young lawyer who has to travel to a remote town to dissolve an estate.  What he finds there is a vengeful ghost and a town that wants him gone.  So here is what I thought…

If you like a good ghost story this is the movie for you.  A good old fashioned haunting is how I would be best describe it.  There was a little blood, but not copious amounts, and scary images which I think is what gives it it’s rating.  It is rated PG-13 and I would say if I had a 13 year old who liked being scared I would take them to see this film…my kids would rather be home cleaning toilets.  No one was out to kill anyone else, not a lot of blood and guts, no swearing, just a good clean scare.  Daniel did a great job playing an older character.  There was only one time….maybe two, where I thought “wow, his voice got really high for that line.  It sounded a bit like Harry.”  But all together I thought he did a very good job.  The supporting cast was great, Janet McTeer was so impressive I wish she had been in more scenes.  It was period appropriate and I thought the cinematography was beautiful, dark of course, but visually appealing, the sets were amazing.  It was nice to see a film where no one was trying to shock your moral senses at every turn.  A good “jump” that you know is coming, but you jump anyway.  Would I recommend it?  Yes.  Would I go see it again?  Yes.  Will I buy it when it comes out?  If it were on sale.

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