April Fools Day Pranks

This list of 9 pranks are great for kids and adults, as well. They don’t take much planning, but are a fun way to celebrate the April Fool(s) in your life.

#1  Switch out their hairspray for colored hairspray.

#2  Put food dye in water and fill up a pitcher or an old juice container of relevant color. Offer them a glass of juice with their breakfast and wait for the reaction.

Bugs, Bugs, Bugs#3 This one works great on elementary age kids. First, prepare chocolate pudding with crushed up Oreos and gummy worms. When they wake up in the morning tell them you have something new planned for breakfast and they have to try at least one bite. Most kids then ask, “what is it?” Keep your serious face on and explain it’s dirt and worms. Say it has lots of vitamins and will give them energy. When I played this trick my son said, “awesome” and my daughter started crying. Once they arrive at the table set out the dirt and worms and enjoy their reactions.

#4  The old rubber band on the kitchen faucet sprayer. Colored tape to blend in works great, too.

#5  Hide a fake bug or fly in your kid’s lunch with an April Fools note.

#6  Before breakfast take out the bags from the cereal boxes and switch them into new boxes. Your child thinks they’re getting sugar cereal when fiber packed oat flakes pour out instead.

#7  Stuff their shoes with tissues or paper and watch them struggle to put them on.

#8  The old glue a coin to the sidewalk trick while watching them struggle to pick it up.

#9  Switch the sugar out for salt during the morning routine.

Happy April Fools Day!

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