At Home Workout

Here is an awesome routine to get you started, or to mix up your existing workout plan.  This one can be done at home–no weights or gym required:

Mom Stretching Before a WorkoutWarm-up: 

-Walk up and down your stairs 5-10 times, let your breathing become heavier and your body feel warm.  It is important to make sure you are very warm before you start any type of plyometric movements to prevent injuries.

-Front Lunges: 10 on each side (Step on foot forward bend both knees to a 90 degree bend, making sure your front knee does not go past your front foot.)

-20 jumping jacks



Are you ready, you should be nice and warm by now!!!  Repeat this series 2 to 3 times-

-2 minutes of Straight leg kicks with a backward lunge (switch half way through).  Stand with feet hip-width apart, kick one leg straight in front of you, while reaching for the foot with your opposite hand, and bring that leg back into a lunge.  Repeat

-4 jumping lunges, 4 mountain climbers, 4 push-ups.  Repeat 4 times.  4 jumping lunges (start in lunge position and then jump and while in the air switch your legs, each jump counts as 1), 4 mountain climbers (start in push-up position:  hands under your shoulders and legs are fully extended, shoulders down and back, and pulling your core in. Once you are in push-up position jump one foot up toward your hands, keeping your knee between your arms.  Swap your feet back and forward as fast as you can without losing form). 4 push-ups (keeping quads and abs tight, perform a push up going down only as far as you can.  Push back up to start position and repeat.)

-1 minute of bicycles.  Lie on your back with fingers locked behind your head and elbow away from the ears.  Crunch your shoulder blades off the floor and twist through the upper body and bend one leg to touch your elbow to the opposite knee.  Repeat.

-2 minutes of Side Lunges with rotation (switch half way through time), if you have a weight use it here, if not no worries. (Stand with feet close together, hold a weight to the side.  Take a big step out to the side and come down through the heel of the bent leg.  Still in the lunge, twist upper body to bring the weight or your hands to the hip of the bent leg.  Return to center and push back to the start position.)

-1 minute of froggers.  (Start in push-up position, jump feet up towards your hands, landing with butt down and chest up so you look like a frog, jump back to push up position.)  Repeat

-1 minute of Russian Twists. (Sit with knees bent and feet crossed.  Lean back until you feel your abs kick in. Hold arms in front of you and then twist your upper body to move both arms to the outside of one hip, repeat moving to the other side.)

Challenge:  BURPEES!!!!  They are hard, but they are an awesome full body workout.  Shoot for 10, but try to challenge yourself.

Start in standing position with your feet shoulder distance apart, jump your feet back to a push up position and do a push up, then jump your feet up towards your hands, bringing your chest up and knees outside your elbows, and then jump up, when you land jump your legs back into a push up position and do a push up.

Good luck and BE ACTIVE!

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