Easter Egg Stuffing Alternatives-It Doesn’t Have To Be Candy

Is it me or does it seem like every celebration these days ends up with bags of candy the kids bring home?  We all know Halloween results in ALOT of candy.  In our house the rule is on Thanksgiving Day any leftover Halloween candy is thrown away.  We do limit our kids to just a piece or two a day so there’s always leftovers.  Then there’s the baking parade that is Christmas. I’ve come to  realize that on Valentine’s Day my kids bring home JUST as much candy as Halloween!

So with Easter eggs just around the corner, I switch it up a bit. We hide a few real eggs and a few plastic eggs, color coding for each child. My son gets blue and my daughter gets pink (or if you can use the child’s favorite color instead).

Easter Eggs

Here are a few ideas:

1. For the slightly older kids, small Lego kits.  Put a few pieces of the kit in each egg and have the directions in their Easter basket.  That way the excitement builds to find out what it will be.

2. Polly pockets or Barbie clothes.

3. Major toy stores carry mini cars that fit nicely into the plastic egg.

4. The dollar bins at some major stores offer mini markers and mini pencils that can fit in the eggs and pads of paper and coloring books for the Easter Basket.

5. Puzzles are great too – put a few pieces in each egg and the remaining pieces and the box into the Easter basket.  If you find a piece or two with, for example, Thomas the Train’s face or the puppy’s pink nose the kids will be enticed to find the rest.

6. When my kids were very small and more interested in eating the tiny toys in the eggs, I put their favorite snacks in the eggs like teddy grahams or goldfish crackers.  They were still excited because they came out of the Easter egg.

Suggestions for the Easter baskets itself – bubbles, stickers, stamp & washable stamp pads, hot wheels cars, jump ropes, balls of any kind, books, bath crayons and fizzes.

**Handy Mom Idea**  If you are potty training your kids soon, keep the Easter eggs after Easter. When potty training my kids I’d give them a reward for using the potty (yes, that is bribery but it worked!).  I’d put healthy snacks in the eggs along with a few that had M&Ms or fruit snacks and the kids were super excited to pick an egg out of the basket.  Even when the healthy snack was the reward they had fun!

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One Response to Easter Egg Stuffing Alternatives-It Doesn’t Have To Be Candy

  1. Rachel B says:

    Stace, I totally agree. Last year I did the same thing. I put confetti (shapes I punched out of scrapbook paper), goldfish, chocolate bunnies, silly bands, etc. in the kids Easter eggs, along with a few filled with jelly beans. It was a lot of fun for the kids to open each one, wondering what new surprise they would get each time (and not always candy). I think we assume the kids just want candy (which they do) but find that they are just as happy to get their favorite snack or little toy.