How to Make a Bubble Wand and Homemade Bubbles

We had family in town last weekend and beautiful weather, so I thought that this would be the perfect opportunity to make bubble wands and homemade bubbles.  I have not done this in years so I was looking forward to this activity.  I have found that bubbles are an inexpensive way to keep toddlers, teenagers and adults entertained for hours!

Large Bubble on Handmade Wand

Materials needed:

2 wooden dowels 2 screw in eye hooks
1 washer Cotton rope or yarn
Bucket with lid 1 gallon of water
2/3 cup of dish washing soap (I used Joy) 2-3 Tablespoons of glycerin


Step 1   If you decide to use yarn make a long chain or braid 3 strands of yarn together.  I took a crochet hook and made a chain that was 60 inches long.  Then I made another chain that was 30 inches long.  I left the ends on the yarn so I could tie the chain to the eye hook.

Step 2   Screw an eye hook into one end of each dowel.  My brother was in town so he helped me by drilling a hole into the dowel.  He used a drill bit that was smaller than the eye hook.  You can do this without a drill, drilling the hole just made it easier to screw inthe eye hook.

Step 3   Attach your smaller length of cotton rope or yarn to the eye hook by tying a knot.  Then attach that same length of rope to your other dowel so the two dowels are connected.  Now take your longer piece of rope and attach it to one of your dowels.  Now slide the washer onto the long piece of yarn and attach the other end to your other dowel.  The washer is there to provide some weight.   If you have any scouts in the family this is a great way to practice knot tying skills.

Your bubble wand is now finished and it is time to make the Bubbles.

Step 1   Fill a bucket with 1 gallon of water.  I used an old 5 quart ice cream container because I had a lid and it is a great way to store the extra bubbles that are left over.

Step 2   Add 2/3 cup of dish washing soap.  I used Joy and it worked really well.

Step 3   Add 2 – 3 tablespoons of glycerin.  I used 3 Tablespoons.  I found the glycerin in the first aid section in Walmart.

Step 4   Stir your solution and then take out into the yard and enjoy making some huge bubbles!

I was able to buy everything I needed for this activity at Walmart.  I found the dowels in the craft section, and the eye hooks and the washer over where they keep the nails and hooks for hanging pictures.  It was nice to not have to drive around to 3 different stores to pick up the supplies.

You will need to play with this wand a little bit to make the perfect bubble.  Experiment with opening and closing your dowels and you may have to walk to make the bubble come out.  You will have an easier time if you do this on a day with very little wind.  This is so easy that even my 2 year old niece was able to make bubbles as big as she is tall.


You can cut your dowels into shorter lengths to fit younger children.  My mom wanted all the kids to be able to do this at the same time so she got out all of her old knitting needles and attached some old yarn and I don’t know what she used for a weight but it worked.  Everyone preferred the dowels but the makeshift wands worked too.

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2 Responses to How to Make a Bubble Wand and Homemade Bubbles

  1. marti crane says:

    i love all of your craft ideas. the bubble one is awesome !!!

  2. Becky says:

    Thank you Marti. You are so sweet! We had so much fun playing with the bubbles, even us adults had to try them out.