Fitness Exercise Routine That Strengthens Marriages

Working Out TogetherYears and years ago my husband bought a box set of DVD’s for the Fox Show 24 with the intention that we would watch it and exercise together. I was already exercising to some of my favorite TV shows and this enabled him to be able to join in. Little did we know that this one purchase would spur 9 years of a successful fitness exercise routine.

We slowly added cardio machines such as the treadmill, Nordic Track, and a semi-recumbent bike. We purchased free weights and even eventually added a few workout videos (Jillian Michael’s are our favorite). Not only did this decision to work out together strengthen our muscles, but also our marriage.

We have a “date” every single morning in our basement. Thanks to DVRs and Netflix we watch movies and TV shows 40 minutes at a time. It can take several mornings to finish some movies and that desire to finish the movie helps motivate both of us to go work out. We laugh together, push each other, and plain just have fun exercising. Because we do it together we very seldom miss a workout.

Here are some tips that we have discovered over the years:


    • Change Is Good
      We found that the best fitness exercise routine involves change. So we rotate every day, Day 1 – Nordic Track, Day 2 – Semi Recumbent Bike, Day 3 – Tread Mill, Day 4 – Jillian Michael’s Exercise Video.
    • Don’t Allow Interruptions
      We have 4 children and they all know that they do not interrupt our workout. Sure we have had some bad workouts where our 1 year old sat on the other side of our gate (in order to protect them from the treadmill) and cried for a straight 40 minutes, but after 3-5 workouts like that he gave up. Also, try and keep appointments that interrupt the workout to a minimum.
    • Turn Off The TV Sometimes
      Sometimes we have a lot to talk about, so we turn off the TV and talk while we work out. Sure we are huffing and puffing so it takes awhile to get it out, but it is worth it.
    • TV Shows and Movies With Music Or Action Are The Best
      Any musical or action show helps get your blood pumping.
      • Encourage Each Other

Positive encouragement goes a long way to strengthening both muscles and marriages.

In a busy world with a busy family it is easy to lose that regular bonding time. After years of doing this fitness exercise routine I can see that we have not only become stronger physically, but also our marriage has become stronger.

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