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I have two very active kids.  It seems we’re always watching one activity or another, which is often times fun for the parents, but not always fun for the other siblings.  If I know there’s a soccer game or a karate event coming up, I bring activities along to keep everyone occupied.  But what about the other times that you can’t plan for?  Like one of those fun activities running late?  Or the doctor’s running behind and while you love for your kids to play with others, maybe just not the feverish looking child that’s coughing nonstop.  Since my son and daughter are five years apart, I need to have things that occupy both ages and genders.  All the negotiating in the world will NOT get my eleven year old son to play with his sister’s Fancy Nancy, it just won’t.

Here are a some fun things that fit conveniently in your bag or glove box:

Pass the Pigs by Winning Moves.  So, obviously your kids are going to want to play this just because of the name.  The game comes with two plastic pigs and a score card.  To play, simply ‘roll’ the pigs (like you’d roll dice) and you score based on how the pigs land.  For example, if the pigs land on their sides, it’s called a ‘Sider” and you get one point, and so on.  If you carry the game in it’s case it’s approximately 4 inches long. However, I am the ziploc bag queen so I transferred the game to a snack size baggie and ta-daa!


Left Center Right dice game by George & Co. This game comes is a small test tube shaped container with three dice and playing chips.  To play, roll the dice and based on what is rolled, you pass, keep or put chips into the pot. This is another games that’s fun for all ages because it’s all based on luck.



Spot it! by blue orange.  This game consists of playing cards.  Cards are drawn and you match symbols like clovers, light bulbs, snow flakes, etc.  It sounds easy peasy but the symbols are all different sizes and orientations which makes it a little trickier.  This game is my latest go-to gift for birthday parties.


Having any of these games on hand will make unexpected delays a lot more fun, your kids will appreciate having something to do to pass the time!

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