Disney Books For iPad Review

Disney’s Toy Story and Cars 2 come to life with the digital books for the iPad. There are many features that enhance the reading experience, including, music, narration (if you want it), small games, puzzles, moving parts, and coloring. All my kids join in the fun by taking turns touching different characters in the story which causes either funny large movements, or funny quotes like “Someone poisoned the water hole!”.

Toy Story Digital BookI turn off the narrative in order to make it more like a true book experience, but I leave the music on leaving me feeling like I am narrating a real Disney story. The music really adds to my expression. I especially like how the screen gives a small white glow when I touch it. I use this feature to draw my child’s eye to the words as I read them. I hope that this will help him in his quest to learn how to read.

I found that the puzzles and small games help keep my child’s interest. I use these periods of time to increase comprehension of the words to the story. So for example, Toy Story’s book has written, “Woody sent a group of green army men to keep an eye out for new toys.” Then there is a simple game where you can tilt the screen to enable the green army men to make it down the wall with their parachutes. I talk as I or my child plays the game saying, “Woody sent the green army men to look for the new toys, here they go!”

My only problem with these particular eBooks came when I could not get the sound to work. All other sound on my iPad 2 worked, iTunes, other eBooks, but not Disney Apps. After reading the customer service help I found that I had my mute button moved on the outside of my iPad 2. In other words, you need to check that you are not muted within the settings AND that there is no orange showing on the outside mute toggle switch.

Otherwise, it has been smooth sailing. I am hoping that these extra features will help my child more quickly enjoy and learn how to read, but only time will tell.

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  1. Jessica says:

    I think I might be purchasing a Disney book or two for our iPad:)