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BooksFor anyone who knows me, it’s no surprise to hear that I’m the biggest book lover. Ever. I love books. I love fiction, organization, self-improvement, parenting, sci-fi, relationships, whatever! When it comes to informational books such as parenting or relationship books, I’m a huge believer in reading up on the subject until you can’t possibly read anymore. If you look in my house, you will see our entertainment center wall to wall with books, books and more books! I have a whole shelf dedicated to just parenting books; the ones on that shelf aren’t even all of the ones I’ve read!

Now, I’m not saying I’m an amazing parent because I’ve read all of these parenting books. I like to think that I’m pretty knowledgable about the different styles of parenting, and different tactics that are out there because I’ve immersed myself in so many books on the subject. (Again, I’m not trying to brag!) Whatever books you read, try and get the most out of them! There is no shame in highlighting, marking, and/or writing in these books! That’s why they’re there! My advice – read all you can and find what works for you and your family!

Here are some of the books, I’ve read and highly recommend to grab from your local library or Barnes and Noble to help with those frustrating or worrisome times as a parent:

The Sears Library: The Sears family is full of excellent doctors, pediatricians and nurses. They pulled together their knowledge and wrote excellent books on infancy and childhood. The Portable Pediatrician is probably the one that I recommend every parent has in their library.

What to Expect Library: What to Expect When You’re Expecting is a widely known pregnancy book. But, did you also know they write many others? For the Toddler Years, the First Year, Before You’re Expecting, and others like Eating Well While You’re Expecting? These are excellent to read or have on hand. My sisters and I have passed around the What to Expect When You’re Expecting book as we’ve each become pregnant.

Positive Discipline Books: These discipline books are possibly my favorite discipline collection out of all the ones I’ve read. Their first book, Positive Discipline, does a great job describing how the child’s mind works, and helps you figure out the temperament of your kids, making it easier to encourage and discipline them. They write books all the way up for disciplining teenagers, too!

On Becoming Babywise: This series talks about sleep, discipline, eating, etc. This is a very popular library set amongst many moms that I know! It wasn’t my personal style, but it was still an excellent read. They have books for Toddlers, as well.

SleepEasy Solution: Out of all the sleep books I’ve read, this one was my personal favorite. It fit my style and my beliefs better than others that I’ve read. It gives great tips and suggestions as your child grows.

The Happiest [Baby] on the Block: Or the Happiest Toddler! These books were fun reads, and let you into a child’s mind. The tactics spelled out are fun to try and – ta-da! – they work!

The 5 Love Languages: Just as each couple has a different love language, so does every child! This book will help you better understand how your child feels love and allows you to connect with your child better. A great read! I’d add this one to your library for sure! Also available for couples, teens, kids, and more.

Activity Books: I think every home needs activity books for those days when you are in a rut and don’t feel like racking your brain to come up with creative activities for you and the kids. Some books in my library include: Toddlers Busy Book (also Preschooler’s, Arts & Crafts, etc), 365 Games Smart [Babies or Toddlers] Play, 15 Minutes Outside, and more. There are such fun ideas in these books – I like to mark them with a post-it and/or pen for the ones I want to try!

No-Cry Picky Eater Solution: This book gives you tips, tricks, and recipes to help your child (and you) eat better without the fight! There are tons of other books out there written for this very same thing! Check them out! (Also, No-Cry Sleep, Discipline, etc)

Some other books in my library:

The Wonder Years (baby basics)

Baby Names (who doesn’t need one of these)

Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child (sleep)

The Explosive Child (behavior/disability)

And Baby Makes Three (husband and wife conflict resolution/communication)

Baby Sign Language Basics (sign)

Play Therapy (behavior)

Baby and Toddler Play by Gymboree (activity)

Infant Massage (massage how-to)

I Am A Mother (religious)

5 Spiritual Solutions for Everyday Parenting Challenges (religious)

The Parenting Breakthrough

Easy to Love: Difficult to Discipline (love this one LOTS!)

And no parenting library is complete without children’s books! Here are L’s and my favorite authors:

Sandra Boynton

Leslie Patricelli

DK Publishing

That’s not… Usbourne Books

Karen Katz

(Want to know what else I have in my library? relationship? religious? kids? fiction? just ask, I’ll gladly tell you!)

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