Reasons to Visit the Library

Library IIn my dream home, I have always imagined having a library.  I dream of a room filled with floor to ceiling bookshelves, big comfy chairs and even a fire place, a place where you can lose yourself in a book.   Well, right now I am not living in my dream home.  It is a nice home and I am grateful but, there is not nearly enough room for our books (or my crafts).  Most of our books are packed in boxes and in storage.  So I need the next best thing, which is the library.  I know the basic things that the library has to offer, but I was surprised to learn how many different things that our libraries can offer.

  • Free books!!!
  • Book clubs, mine has one for the adults, a cookbook club, and book clubs for the kids.
  • Story time for kids
  • Free computers, mine even has a computer hub that will teach you how to use the different programs on the computer such as Microsoft excel.
  • Videos ( VHS and DVD’s)
  • Activities for kids (Summer reading programs and story time all year long)
  • Reference materials and online research
  • Use of their genealogy programs, ours has that you can use for free.  You can search old newspapers on microfilm.  They also have maps of some of the local cemeteries.
  • Books on tape or cd’s
  • Did you know that you can check out artwork and music from your library?
  • Use of the meeting room in your library.  Some libraries offer enrichment classes such as parenting, genealogy, dance, cooking, drivers safety, game clubs such as chess or scrabble, art exhibits, film series, author visits, and nutrition.
  • Sheet music and guitar music
  • Some libraries even offer Museum passes
  • Tax help
  • SAT prep classes
  • Access to copy and fax machines for a small fee.
  • Digital downloads for your computers, tablets, Kindles and Nook.
  • Entertainment, my library often has a movie matinee (with popcorn) on Saturday afternoons, for the family.
  • Inter-library loans, you have access to almost any book printed!
  • Friendly librarians who are willing to help you find what you need.

Did I mention that it is free?

Each and every library offers different things.  The biggest thing for me is all of the free books and a place to store them.  I have made a lot of new friends at the library, just from being there and from my book club.  You won’t know what your library has to unless you visit.  So take a trip to the library and “check it out.”

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I am a stay at home mom to 2 teenagers. I have a 20 year old daughter and a 17 year old son, and a husband who is just a big kid at heart. I teach piano lessons from my home. I am going back to college and sometimes wonder if I am crazy for doing this. I absolutely love anything and everything crafty. I especially love to stamp, crochet and sew.

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