How to Combat the “Boy Pee” That Lurks Around Your Toilet (I know, gross!)

With four children, three of which being boys (who, for some reason, don’t know how to lift the seat to pee) cleaning products are a must-have staple in our home.  The area that seems to be the most daunting to keep clean is our boys’ bathroom, which unfortunately is our guest bathroom as well.  I have tried all sorts of cleaning products for this region of our home, everything from cleaning wipes to a steam cleaner.

LemonsThe thing is, I have an issue with cleaning products that include chemicals.  No, it has nothing to do with “saving the planet” or thinking that my children will lose brain cells and contract a rare incurable disease from them.  It’s because they stink!  They leave an overwhelming smell in a small room that I don’t want my family, or others, breathing in.  The steam cleaner works great, but it’s not practical for everyday or for when the boys have to clean the bathroom themselves once a week; so I needed something that would be efficient  and easy to use…  When in doubt go back to the basics.  Water – Vinegar – Lemon.   It many sound too simple, but it works wonders!!

I recycled an empty cleaning spray bottle and placed 1 part water, 1 part white vinegar and a small lemon, sliced in it.  Shake well and let sit for 24 hours.  You can use right away but, if you wait a day the lemon neutralized the vinegar smell and comes out a fresh lemon scent.  Once your cleaning concoction is ready, hit the toilet, it will amaze you with its strength to dissolve the dried urine  and how easily it is wiped up.  It cleans the in between cracks and crevices  and removes the smell instantly.  Seriously, it is like magic and better than any stenchy chemical in today’s products. (Stenchy is probably not a real word, but I like it).

Next try it on the toothpaste encrusted sink (does any of it actually make it on my children’s teeth?),  again so easy to clean.  Now tackle the rest and breath in.  Wow the bathroom no longer smells like a sewer.  Remember to shake the bottle before each use to activate the lemons.  Happy Cleaning.

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