Odd Apocalypse by Dean Koontz- Book Review

Odd ApocalypseAnother Odd book!  OK, not odd as in strange or unusual but Odd, as in Odd Thomas.  I love Odd and was very excited when this book came out.  I couldn’t wait to find out what the next adventure would be for this very unlikely hero.  Odd is a young man not with just an odd name but a special gift, he can see spirits.  He spends his time trying to help them find peace and, of course, find justice for those spirits who might need it.

Why do I like Odd so much?  Well, he has a great outlook on life.  He is quirky,real and down right lovable.  In the first chapter of his latest saga I found a least 10 quotes that I wanted to share with you.  “If I didn’t believe in the miraculous nature of talent and in the sacred duty of the recipient, by now I would have gone so insane that I’d qualify for numerous big government positions.”, “Be assured that I am not insane, neither as a serial killer is insane nor in the sense that a man is insane who wears a colander as a hat to prevent the CIA from controlling his mind.  I dislike hats of any kind, though I have nothing against colanders properly used.”, “…the dead can be even more frustrating to deal with than are many of the living, which is astonishing when you consider it’s the living who run the Department of Motor Vehicles.”  Just a few and classics all!  Odd Thomas always has a way of paring down the most unusual and horrifying things that life throws at him to basic truths and finds a way to better his outlook.

In this latest thriller Odd finds himself at a sprawling estate with Annamaria.  He still doesn’t quite know how he is supposed to help Annamaria, which kind of drives me crazy, but now he is faced with figuring out why he is needed in Roseland.  He sees many strange unexplainable things and no one will answer his questions with an direct answer.  So in typical Odd fashion he takes it all in stride, trusts his instincts and is off to save the day once more.  Scary creatures and strange devices are prominent throughout.  This book has the strange paranormal action that will keep you guessing and reading until you find the answer to the question, “What is going on here?!”  I didn’t get all the answers I wanted but at least I know there will be another Odd book coming.

Odd your outlook on life I find inspiring, your adventures I find thoroughly entertaining and most of the time I wish you were real.  Odd Thomas for President!

My recommendation: Read the whole series!

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