Tips For Riding Cars Radiator Springs Racers At Disney’s California Adventure Park

Cars Land is new at Disney’s California Adventure Park 2012. As many lovers of Disneyland know, that means crowds of people clamoring to ride and experience the new Cars Land. I just visited Disneyland for one week the end of July and have some insider tips on how to ride the newest attraction, Radiator Springs Racers, without the headache of a multi hour wait in a line. (Yes, the whole time we were there I did not see the wait time less than 150 minutes)

Disney Cars Land Ride

1.  Arrive early to California Adventure and get a Fast Pass to Radiator Springs Racers. Before the park officially opens a line begins to form to receive a fast pass. We arrived about 25 minutes before the park opened and were able to get in the line and receive a Fast Pass for 12:20. The advantage to this is only one person of your group has to sacrifice and wait in the line. The line takes around 30-45 minutes. Don’t worry, the line will look huge but it moves quickly once the park opens. While the one person is waiting for the Fast Pass, the rest of the party can go ride other rides in the park like Toy Story Mania. We used to wait for long periods of time for this favorite ride of ours, but because of the new found popularity of Cars Land, we were able to ride it with under a 10 minute wait.

2.  Become a Disney Resort Guest. Hotel Guests of any of the on resort hotels receive an extra hour before the park opens. Although, I was not one of these guests, it appeared that they were able to hop right on the ride during this hour that we were all waiting to get into the park.

3.  Arrive early to California Adventure and race to be the first on the ride. I would not advise doing it this way. Disneyland Hotel Guests are already in line and in the park before they even let the rope down. Then there are literally hundreds of people walking quickly (not running) straight to the attraction. It looked absolutely miserable being in the middle of that mess.

Cars Land is awesome. I really felt like I had entered the movie. They have Mater, Lightning McQueen, and other cars that make an appearance throughout the day. At night they turn on the neon, and it is just fun to be in the area. Radiator Springs Racers is a great ride that won’t leave you disappointed, unless of course you wait for a couple of hours in line.

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