Lexi’s Piggy Bank: Pediatric Stroke Survivor

Lexi's piggy Bank

As some of you know, I am a mother of a spunky little girl who is a Pediatric Stroke Survivor. We are incredibly blessed that she is even alive and doing so amazing. I will be writing an article or two about Pediatric Stroke, but in the meantime – check out Lexi’s Piggy Bank!

Help us fill Lexi’s Piggy Bank to pay for medical bills and spread the word about Pediatric Stroke Awareness!


Lexi, now age 2.5, was just a few weeks old when she suffered from a pediatric stroke on the left hemisphere of her brain. This caused permanent brain damage and resulted in right hemiplegia and cerebral palsy. Other lasting impacts are seizures, and sensory processing disorder. She receives treatment, therapy, and other special medical care to help her live as normally as possible.

Unfortunately, Lexi was dropped from medical insurance without being notified for the months June through October. This caused her to have to cut back on her much needed treatments and therapy, and eventually quit all together. Luckily, we were feisty enough with the insurance company and she will be covered retroactively back until July and we are back on track. Unfortunately, June will not be covered, leaving Lexi and her family with around $4000 worth of bills for that month.

Due to Lexi’s extensive medical care, this will be a monthly cost throughout her whole life.

Dig in your pockets, couch cushions, cars, and back packs, pick up that extra change, and fill up Lexi’s piggy bank!

All change will be donated to Lexi’s June 2012 medical bills. Even 25 cents makes a big difference!

If you live near us, Lexi will pick up your change personally, – just let Kellie (mom) or Terrell (dad) know via email, text, replying to this post, or Facebook!

If you don’t live nearby, don’t have change lying around but still want to donate, you can donate via PayPal to kfrederick27@hotmail.com.

Invite all your friends! Lexi would LOVE to tell you about Pediatric Stroke and will be sharing more of her story through A Mom Knows! Share this event with everyone you know!

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I am a mom of a spunky 3-year-old little girl and a wife to one hot husband. My daughter is a Pediatric Stroke survivor and has minor cerebral palsy and is classified as a hemiplegic. A lot of my time is spent dealing with the repercussions from her stroke but I also love scrapbooking, reading, spending time with my husband and daughter.

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