How To Make A Snowman Ornament From A Can Lid

I am always on the lookout for cute unbreakable Christmas ornaments.  I also love to craft. When I purchased a Pampered Chef smooth edge can opener I knew that this product was going to help me make some cute ornaments as well as save my hand from sharp edges.  So I had my family save every can lid we opened.  I washed them in the dishwasher and then saved them for Christmas.

I looked around on the internet for some ideas.  I wasn’t sure if I was going to paint the lids and then stamp an image in the middle, or cut out the front of a Christmas card and glue that on the lid.  I came across some cute snowman faces that were painted on the lids.  They were a little bit above my painting skills (okay they were a lot above my painting skills.)  Then I saw something similar to what I ended up doing, only it had a fleece hat.  Every snowman needs a hat because, Baby it’s cold outside!

I thought I would share this project with you.  It will make a great craft to do with your kids and they will love hanging the ornaments that they made on the tree.

Materials needed:

  • Smooth edge can opener (Mine is from Pampered Chef and works great, I think that Walmart and Target also sell them.)
  • Can lids (Mine were from cans of beans, tomatoes and Manwich, you could also use the lids from frozen juice or even the lids from the Pillsbury crescent rolls.)
  • Acrylic paint (I used white and black, white you will need a lot of white if you are making a lot of ornaments.)
  • Orange puffy paint (you could just use orange acrylic paint)
  • Fleece material (I used scraps, most of them were 7 inch squares, you will need more material  for 28 ounce cans.)
  • Glue gun and glue sticks
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Newspaper or something to keep paint off your table.
  • Paintbrushes (I used a sponge brush and the end of a paint brush.)
  • A Popsicle stick or something to use so that your fingers do not get burned touching the hot glue.
  • Glitter is optional ( I can’t believe I did not use any.)
  1. Paint Lid:
  2. Paint one side of the can lid with a thick coat of paint, let dry and repeat with another coat or 2.  When that is completely dry flip your lid over and repeat with the other side.  This is a step that you might want to do because the kids will get impatient.  A blow dryer might help speed up the drying process.

  3. Make Snowman Hat:
  4. Cut out a piece of fleece that will fit around you lid.  Fold one edge of the fleece over to make a brim for the hat.   Turn over the folded edge and place your can lid so that half of the can is on the fleece.  Put hot glue on the lid and fold one side of the fleece to the hot glue.  Take the other side of the fleece and fold over the edge, put more glue on the lid and cover the glue with the fleece.  Fleece will not fray so if you do not have a nice folded edge that looks like a seam that is okay.

  5. Tie Off Hat And Make Fringe:
  6. Cut a strip of fleece that is about 1/2 inch wide.  Use this to tie your hat together.  You will have a lot of extra material sticking up, cut some of this off.  I left about 1 inch to 2 inches above the tie.  Now trim the extra material above the hat to look like fringe.

  7. Attach Ribbon:
  8. Cut a piece of ribbon and attach it to the back of the hat with hot glue.

  9. Create Snowman Face:
  10. Dip the rounded edge of a paint brush into black paint.  Make your eyes.  I dabbed it where I thought the eyes should go and then made the circles a little bigger.  Next I dabbed the rounded end of the paint brush back into the black paint and made smaller dots in the shape of a smile.  I chose to do dots so that it would look like coal, if you have some good painting skills I am sure that you could make a much cuter smile.  Take the orange puff paint and make a carrot shaped nose.  Let dry completely.

  11. Finishing Touch:
  12. This is where you could add a scarf or glitter.  If you are giving this as a gift there is room on the back to write a name or the date.

    This was such a fun ornament to make that I made over 50.  I know my tree does not need that many extra ornaments so I think that some will be handed out with our treats this year.

    Remember that homemade ornaments are not perfect, there will be flaws.  You may be able to cover some of them with the hat but others will show.  The funny thing is that most people, when given a homemade gift, are not looking at the flaws, they are thinking about all the love that was put into that gift.

    So put on some Christmas music, gather your kids around, and make some Christmas memories!

    Merry Christmas

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