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vicks-ultrasonic-humidifierWe have had the same ultrasonic humidifier for over 10 years and it finally broke. We spent a lot on it (I think around $70), but maybe it was just that we were out of college and everything seemed expensive then. Okay, back to real time. My daughter came down with a cough so we headed out to buy a new humidifier. We have found that our kids sleep better at night with a humidifier when they have a cough. The climate here in Colorado is very dry and a humidifier makes a noticeable difference in their breathing.

My first thought was, “We don’t need an expensive humidifier.” So we picked up one at Walmart for $30. It was not an ultrasonic. We took it home and put it next to my daughters bed. Even at the lowest setting I could hear it downstairs (my daughters room is upstairs). No visible mist came out of the humidifier.

In the morning my daughters bed was not damp at all. It was difficult to see any sign that the room was more humid than without the humidifier. My experience has always been that the floor and bed were a little damp in the morning from the mist. In fact, I usually place a towel on the floor between the humidifier and bed to help catch the moisture. Since I wasn’t happy with it, I packed it back up and returned it to Walmart (they are great about returns).

We ended up buying a Vicks Ultrasonic Humidifier. It was very similar to our old one that broke. It was quiet and produced visible mist that I could direct towards my daughters bed. My daughter woke up the next morning in a much better state. There was a noticeable difference between the ultrasonic versus the non-ultrasonic humidifier.

I am much happier with my second purchase. The ultrasonic is about double the price of the normal humidifier and worth every penny.

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