Acute Immune – Mom’s Weapon Against Colds

Acute Immune by Mountain Peak NutritionalsThe bus stop is my favorite place to get good advice. My latest tip was from a friend who suggested I use Acute Immune Formula by Mountain Peak Nutritionals to help me fight my cold. I was skeptical, but figured I didn’t have much to lose.

I would say that it helped that cold along, but I was still not a believer. I mean really, my cold could have ended that day without any help from Acute Immune. I have since tried using it every time I feel a cold coming on for about 1 year. I had noticed an improvement in the symptoms of my typical colds, but again figured it could be a coincidence. This was true until I ran out of Acute Immune. I figured I could fight that cold on my own. Wrong, my symptoms were much worse and the duration of the cold was longer than I have had typically.

I am now a believer. Coincidence or not, I seem to be able to fight cold like symptoms better with the help of Acute Immune. I have since purchased Children’s Immune Support for my kids, and am hoping for similar results.

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