My New Favorite Money Saving Apps

If you are a smart phone user here’s yet another great way to benefit from it.  It can save you money, and its easy.  I have two apps on my phone that I use everytime I go retail shopping.

iPhoneThe first is called shopkick.  If you don’t have it on your phone yet, go download it now.  It’s a free app.  When you walk into select stores and open the app there appears a bubble that you tap and voila, just like that, you have earned points toward a gift card of your choosing.  Not only that, but there are additional ways to earn more points in select stores such as Target by scanning particular items.  If you are taking older kids with you to the store this can be a lot of fun for them.  Yes it does take a lot of points to actually redeem for a gift card but it costs you nothing and its fun.  I love walking into stores just for the heck of it so this app is perfect for me.  Oh and also there are coupons in the app.  Last time I shopped Old Navy I opened the app and got free points and a coupon for 20% off which the cashier took off my phone with no problems at all.

My second favorite shopping app is called Coupon Sherpa.  This one is a database of retail store coupons.  If you’ve ever had that moments of hesitation before you buy something because you think that there just might be a coupon somewhere out there that you should be using, this app will relieve your stress.  Just scroll down the alphabetized list until you find the store you are in and then click on it to reveal all the available online coupons for that store.  Of course it’s not a perfect system.  There are several more stores that I wish it had on it but more times than not it has saved me money.

Happy Shopping Everyone!

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  1. Emily Huston says:

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