Easy Craft: LUV BUGS

This cute craft can be used for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s or Father’s Day, birthdays – or anytime you want to tell someone that you care!  There are few supplies needed, so it’s inexpensive and easy.  Plus you can let your child make them any way that they want, as long as they put some “luv” into it.



Wooden popsicle-type sticks.  These come in natural, or dyed Colored pipe cleaners (also known as chenille stems)
Scotch tape Glue Stick
Construction Paper Scissors
A little pinch of love

Optional (use your imagination!):

Pens, crayons Stickers
Glitter Paint (if you have the kind in a bottle that squeezes out a fine line, that works best)


1)      Cut construction paper into heart shapes (or any shape that you like)

2)      Decorate

3)      Apply glue stick to the top 1/3 of the popsicle stick; press it against the back of your construction paper

4)      Fold pipe cleaner in half (or cut if very long); tape onto the back of your Luv Bug for the antenna.  See photo at end for detail of back side.

5)      Enjoy

These make great gifts and are very easy to attach to presents, or mail to relatives since they are small.  Write a short note to the back, telling the recipient that they’re getting a Luv Bug.

Another idea to display your Luv Bugs:

Fill a shallow container (like the glass bowl in the photo) with dried beans, popcorn, or sand.  The Luv Bugs should stand upright, so place either one per container (like a flower in a pot), or arrange several in a single container.  These make nice groupings on a table top for decoration, or until you’re ready to give them as gifts.  They can also be placed like this to dry your wet paint.

Luv Bugs


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  1. Emily Huston says:

    I think creating such a pesky love bugs made of paper will really going to adore kids! Thanks for sharing such a quick and easy Love Bugs to make with the kids for Valentine’s Day!