DIY Decorative Material Lined Baskets: Made Out of an Empty Cardboard Box!

See how nice the detail work turns out!

Organizing with nice sturdy baskets that have fabric liners are my favorite way to keep rooms in my home neat and tidy.  Personally, I prefer them over plastic bins because of their more desirable aesthetics and the ability to coordinate them with each room.  A big disadvantage of organizing this way is that in can be very expensive.  For a good sized basket of 18x18x6 it can run $19.99 and up.  This adds up quick when you want at least four of them in multiple rooms of your home.

I have discovered the best, most economical way to have these decorative baskets throughout my home for a fraction of the price.  Actually, I think they are even better then the ones you can buy pre-made because they are much more sturdy and really look great.  All you need are some empty boxes (the size you want for your baskets), a glue gun and glue sticks, rope and fabric for your liner.  I recommend using a thicker rope over twine, it looks nicer (more basket like) and it takes less time to complete your basket.

Starting at the bottom outside corner of your box as close to the bottom as you can, place a bead of glue across one side then quickly place the beginning of your spool of rope across the hot glue.  Rotating the box and placing the rope onto the hot glue as you slowly unwind the rope around the box.  Stopping at the top of the box once all sides are completely covered.  Once you have completed the box you can now measure the material for the liner and sew in to fit the way you like.  (I am not going to go over the making of the liner here), placing the liner in the basket with the finished edge showing in the basket.  Voila, you now have a beautiful strong decorative basket for about $5.00.  My price break down is as follows:

  • Boxes: Free, I use the ones I receive from mail orders, but you have get boxes from local stores and on Craig’s list.
  • Glue sticks: I use about 5-6 for my 18x18x6 size baskets so about $1.60 worth of hot glue.
  • 1/4 inch rope 100 ft for $6.48, which is enough to make two baskets.  I find mine at the hardware stores; Lowe’s, Home Depot, Ace, places like this.
  • Material, I use the scraps I have on hand, old large T-shirts work for this as well.

Enjoy crafting your new baskets; so economical you can give them away in gift basket form without having to spend more on the baskets than you did on the gifts inside.

A few of my finished baskets.

A few of my finished baskets.

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