Man of Steel- Movie Review

Man of SteelOK, so I must make a confession about this movie.  I really didn’t want to go see it, I mean how many Superman movies can they make?  I saw the trailers and thought well the special effects are going to be eye popping but really?  I know this story already!  If they wanted to make another Superman film why did they have to do his whole evolution story over again?  We all know how Superman came to be here, right? We all know what is amazing powers are and how hard it was for him to live through his childhood, couldn’t they just bring in a new villain and start smashing things?  So with those things in mind I attended this film just hoping I didn’t hate it.

As it turns out I was very glad I went.  Sure it’s the same story, I guess you can’t do much about that but it was told in just a different way that I wasn’t totally bent on smashing my head against the seat in front of me.  I loved how they brought Krypton into the story and showed us how the whole destruction of the planet occurred and the dynamics of the society.  That was something I could wrap my mind around and believe it in the end.  The rest of the story was as you would expect with not much new.  I really enjoyed how they didn’t have Clark Kent and Lois Lane (Superman and his love interest in case you don’t know….maybe you’ve been living on another planet for awhile) all sappy and twitterpated all the time.  They did seem to “connect” a little quickly but I don’t think I could have sat through that whole “I love Superman but don’t like this other guy named Kent” thing again.  I was also very glad they didn’t do the whole “I will work at the Daily Planet and disappear when Superman shows up and no one will be the wiser” thing either.  Those two things really gave this film some saving grace in my mind.

What really made the movie were two things.  One: the special effects of course.  They were as you would expect amazing.  Everything worked seamlessly and it was very entertaining to watch.  Two: the acting.  I loved Henry Cavill as Superman.  He did a great job and I would imagine had a lot of pressure to make that character into something people would like.  He had depth and strength and I thoroughly enjoyed his performance.  The rest of the cast where spot on perfect.  I believed everyone in their respective roles and wouldn’t have cast it any other way.  Michael Shannon as General Zod was unbelievable.  Usually these villains are a little canned and you don’t really know the reasoning behind their actions, but this Zod was just amazing.  Even Zod’s second in command Faora, played by Antje Traue, was a character who I really enjoyed watching, just amazing characterization.

Any down sides?  Well, I must say (men get ready to boo) the action scenes where a bit too long for me.  After a while I got a little tired of buildings blowing up and falling over and bits of debris flying at my face.  This movie is really long, and most of it is New York getting smashed to bits.  Just a little less smashing during the final scenes, maybe a few buildings get left intact would have been nice.

So, would I recommend this movie?  Yes. Would I see it again? No. Will I buy it when it comes out on DVD/ Blue Ray? Only if I get a really nice theatre system installed soon.  Safe for kids? Yes. If they don’t mind loud noises and fighting.

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