Pacific Rim- Movie Review

Pacific RimSo I went to see Pacific Rim at the “super cool” 3D movie theater with the reclining seats and the ETX Dolby Atmos sound system, I mean if you are going to see a 3D summer action movie do right…right!  Well, the theater was amazing!  I loved the seats and the sound experience, I don’t remember being so comfortable while at a movie theater.  Sadly the movie did not live up to my expectations at all.  I wanted action and nonstop excitement, but all I got was some action and a lot of super bad acting.  This was a really good example of how not all movies can be saved by wonderful special effects.  The effects were amazing and the aliens were super cool, but if you can’t stand anything that goes on in between the action shots the movie just is not going to work.

The Story is: Alien creatures are coming out of sea and are destroying everything.  They are huge Godzilla like creatures that modern weapons seem to be powerless against.  Mankind unites to create super-sized robots to fight them.  The struggle goes on for years and mankind is losing hope and running out of options.  Drastic measures must be taken to save the world.

The female lead character, Rinko Kikuchi, was played by Mako Mori and anytime she had to open her mouth I cringed a bit.  She seemed to overact everything and so the only time I liked to watch her was when she had a helmet on her head.  The male lead was Raleigh Becket and played Charlie Hunnam and I felt he did a pretty good job.  There were a couple of other actors who I couldn’t decide if I liked or not…so I guess not huh?  But there were some really good performances also.  I really enjoyed watching Stacker Pentecost play Idris Elba and the girl who played the young Rinko (Mana Ashida) was amazing!  But all in all the acting ruined the show.  For an action movie there was a lot of “down time” and back story that might have been nice if the acting was any good.

So, would I recommend this movie?  No. Would I see it again? No. Will I buy it when it comes out on DVD/ Blue Ray? No.  Safe for kids? Yes. If they don’t mind loud noises and fighting.

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