World War Z- Movie Review

World War ZI love Zombies.  I have fallen into the zombie craze and was very interested to see how this movie would come to pass.  I have read the book and while I really liked the idea behind it I really did not care for the style of writing.  So coming into the movie I had no idea how they would pull it off since the book didn’t have a story line.

Looking back at my movie experience I realize that I don’t have much to summarize.  There was a zombie outbreak and someone went out and figured out how to save mankind to live another day…the end.  Your basic zombie movie summed up.  Now, that is not to say I didn’t like the movie, because I really did, but there just isn’t much “meat” there to work with to write a review.

The storyline was simple and believable.  The acting was very good.  The special effects were great and the make-up was awesome…what we got to see of it.  This movie was done without a lot of blood, which I appreciated very much, but that did mean we didn’t get to see the zombies in action up close.

Was it scary?  Yes.  The whole idea of fast zombies is utterly terrifying!  I love to think that I could out run one if I had to.  These zombies would have caught me before I could even figure out which way to run…freaky.  The whole movie seemed to be very fast looking back.  They probably could have focused a little more on the world governments and how they would have handled a situation like that a bit more and just following the one family made it seem smaller than a world plague.  I would like to have seen how different types of people and countries dealt with the whole concept.  But I loved Brad Pitt, I thought he did a phenomenal job with the character, I would have loved some back story.

So, would I recommend this movie?  Yes!  If you like scary movies. Would I see it again? No.  Will I buy it when it comes out on DVD?  No.  Safe to take the older kids? Yes, much older kids and only if they like scary movies.  This was my children’s first scary movie and I was fine with it because of the lack of gore.

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