Deeply Odd by Dean Koontz- Book Review

Deeply OddDeeply Odd by Dean Koontz is a novel that I have been anxiously awaiting for what seems like forever, but as always it was well worth the wait!

Odd Thomas is arguably my favorite fictional character, his wit and outlook on life is infectious.   He is a delightfully optimistic character who is always finding himself in the middle of life threatening/changing situations, but somehow he figures out a way to save the day but still finds himself to be no one special.

In this book he is traveling away from Annamaria for a time and allows himself to get carried away by his own unique karma.  He finds himself dealing with forces he cannot explain, but he doesn’t care so much that he can’t explain them as he just wants to help where he can.  He finds some help from a delightful traveling companion who certainly knows how to travel in style, but might not be someone I would let drive my car. He encounters a truck driver who instantly wants to erase Odd from the picture.  What is he hauling and why can no one else see him?  Odd knows he is the only one that can help but being what he calls “only a fry cook” he needs to figure out how and (of course) there is not much time.  Not only does he have to deal with the rhinestone truck driver but he soon finds out that all of the fighting might not be taking place in the world we call our own.

Koontz always brings a profound sense of the surreal and unexplainable along with wit and humor.  I always find myself wanting to take out certain sentences from the book and find a way to use them in my own life.  But unfortunately for me I can’t commune with spirits, famous or not, so I try to travel through the life I have been given with an Odd type of attitude.  Roll with the punches and remember not to take yourself too seriously.

May we all be “smooth and blue” someday…or at least find out what that means!  Maybe the next Odd book.

Happy Reading.

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