Frost Burned by Patricia Briggs- Book Review

Frost BurnedMercy Thompson is a great character.  She is the type of woman I want to be…well, without the whole skin changing into a coyote thing.  She is strong, opinionated, self reliant and has a super sexy husband (that’s how he looks in my mind, yours too right?), who happens to be the Alpha werewolf of the Tri-City area.

In book 7 of the Mercy Thompson series, Mercy finds herself once more stuck in between two supernatural worlds…or is it three this time?  I lose count.  Now a new stepmother she finds herself fighting a new threat to save everyone she cares about, and I mean everyone, the whole pack has been kidnapped.  How do you kidnap a pack of werewolves?  Only Patricia Briggs.  Mercy has to pull in all her favors to help her family and unlikely allies join in.  This is a super fast and fun read.  The action keeps your eyes skipping ahead and your brain wondering how is she going to pull this off…and when will she get some sleep.  Sleep is very important you know.  This is a great story of love and endurance in a supernatural setting that sounds like it could be just the next town over.

If you haven’t met Mercy, Adam or the pack yet you really should.

Happy Reading.

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