How to: Brush Your Child’s Teeth

It has been a long day, it is finally bedtime!  One more task and then sweet sleep.  Brushing teeth.  I have 4 little ones, and this can seem like a daunting chore.  3 easy steps and the nightly fight can turn into a painless ritual that ends up saving you money at the next family dentist checkup.

  • Step 1: Lay your child down. Yep, half the battle is your ability to easily access their hard to reach places. Best way is to have them lie down on the ground with their head next to you. Have them open their mouth.
  • Step 2: Floss. Purchase flossers. Dental floss has its place, but it is difficult to use in mouths other than your own, especially small ones. Don’t forget to motion straight down and then to the right and left, before coming back up.
  • Step 3: Purchase a powered tooth brush. These can be expensive, but I found the “Oral-B Pro-Health for Me” is an affordable choice. For under $30 you can get the brush, 2 replacement brushes and a charger (no need to deal with dead batteries). Brush their teeth, specifically focus on brushing all surfaces of each tooth.

Easy as 1,2,3. Brushing your child’s teeth simplified and one less thing to worry about. Don’t forget that regular 6 month checkups are important to overall dental health. No need to go to a pediatric dentist, when a gentle family dentist will do the job.


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