Office Snack Delivery Review, Who Has the Best Service?

There are several office snack delivery services available for online ordering, but the really important question is: which snack service is the best for my company? After reviewing several snack services we found that Simpalo Snacks is the best healthy office snack delivery service!

Here are the 5 snack companies we reviewed

The criteria we used for comparing and determining the best service are the following

  • Customer Service
  • Snack Selection
  • Price
  • Ease of Online Ordering
  • Fast Shipping
  • Customization Options
  • Variety Snack Box Options

Customer Service

When it comes to ordering office snacks you want great customer service. You want emails answered promptly. You want to be treated like they care about your individual company needs. If you search for each of the companies above and add the word “review” in the search console, the only two snack delivery companies that have Google Trusted Review Feedback is Simpalo Snacks and Nature Box.

Simpalo Snacks is rated 9.2 out of 10 with 25 reviews (with no negative reviews).

Nature Box is rated 8.0 out 10 with 48 reviews (31% of them as bad)

Snack Selection

Obviously, when ordering snacks for the office you want to have a good selection to choose from. Snack Nation claims on its website that it has over 5000 different types of snacks. However, the only companies that actually lists all of their snacks online is Simpalo Snacks and Nature Box. The biggest difference between Nature Box and Simpalo is that Nature Box makes its own snacks where as Simpalo sells individually wrapped snacks from many different vendors.


Here are the prices of each of the different Snack Companies for their variety snack box

You might be thinking, wow… Snack Perk is very cheap, but its important to know what you are getting in the box. See below for a picture of Snack Perks Variety Snack Box which includes things like Oreo’s, Snickers, and Famous Amos Cookies. These are “less” healthy snacks and cheaper, but if you going for the brands you can find easily at Walmart then this is probably a good box for you.

On the other hand, if you are looking for something a little more healthy but at an affordable price you will likely find Simpalo Snacks as your best bet. They have a great selection of healthy office snacks with some very unique and hard to find snacks at the best price when comparing against Snack Nation and Oh My Green services.

Ease of Online Ordering

Simpalo and Snack Perks seems to have the most straight forward and simple ordering platform, but the only online snack service that allows you to order individual snacks for the office is Simpalo Snacks. See a screen shot below which shows how simple it is to order any snack you want, whenever you want. No other snack service seems to have this option.

Fast Shipping

It is not clear on how fast the snack boxes are shipped out from Snack Nation, Snack Perks, Oh My Green, or Nature Box. The only company that clearly lists their shipping times is Simpalo Snacks. All orders are shipped out the same day as long as the order is placed before 1pm Mountain Time. The cool thing about Simpalo is since they are located in Colorado it can deliver office snacks within 3 days to most of the United States minus the Eastern States. They offer free overnight snack delivery to Denver and most of Colorado which means you can order snacks in the morning and have them delivered the next business day for free (assuming you order more than $69). Now that is faster shipping than Amazon Prime!

Customization Options

Sometimes companies want to brand boxes so they can make an impression for clients, employees, or just to celebrate an event. Simaplo Snacks has the ability to put your individual logo, message, and colors on company branded snack box. Searching the other snack delivery companies and adding “company branded box” does not yield any results… so if they do offer special customization or branding it isn’t easily found on online in searching.

Variety Snack Box Options

Getting a good selection of snacks that the office loves is huge! It is probably the reason you decided to go with a snack service in first place. Each of the companies offer a selection of snacks, but the company that offers the best selection of healthy and great tasting snacks for the best price should get the highest score. Lets start with the cheapest first, which is SnackPerk. They offer a good price, but as far as I can tell most of the snacks you get from them can be purchased at Walmart Snacks Online. So I am not sure why you wouldn’t just purchase them from Walmart instead of SnackPerk. Nature Box is unique as it manufactures its snacks directly. Think of trail mix, fruits, and nuts. So that certainly may appeal to some offices. If you are looking for healthier individually wrapped snacks, then Simpalo will be your best option when including price and selection. They have several hundred snacks available for immediate purchase and those same snacks are rotated into their variety snack box.

SnackNation is certainly the biggest company of the 5 reviewed in this article, and as such you are paying a little more for it. They have some great snacks, but you will find that they send very different snacks in there variety boxes because they are marketing for snack vendors which is good and bad. Good because you get lots of different options. Bad because you do not get the same snacks on a regular basis. Finally, Oh My Green is a full snack service, but has a individual snack delivery service portion which falls in between Simpalo and Snack Nation on selection and price.

In the end for the price, selection, and service we believe that Simpalo snacks is the best snack delivery option!


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