Best Healthy Snacks to Eat at Work

If you search for the best healthy snacks online you will get a ton of pages that boil down to a few main categories.

Fruits and Vegetables which are perishable

Cheese and Yogurts which need to be refrigerated

Nuts and Dried Fruit snacks which can last a long time and are easy stored

Chips, Bars, and Jerky snacks which are single serving and easily stored

What are the best snacks for work? It really depends on you and what you like. Here are some suggestions and ideas.

Hopefully the above lists will give you some fun and healthy ideas for snacks at the office. Here are my top 4 snacks (one from each of the categories above).

From the fruits and vegetable section, my favorite snacks are mini carrots dipped in humus. I love the texture and crunch of the carrot. The sweet taste goes great with a classic humus dip. I personally like the small individual humus packets that Costco sells. This is a great favorite of mine to hit the afternoon snack craving… and its very filling and healthy.

Yogurt with some fresh fruit is another personal favorite of mine. I will usually take any fruit in the fridge, whether its strawberries, blueberries, or raspberries, I will put a few in a small sandwich bag. Grab your favorite yogurt brand to mix the fruit in and you have another perfect snack idea for the office. This is a great after lunch snack as it can give you a little of that sweet craving fix, but is much healthier than a chocolate bar or a cookie.

Hands down Trophy Farms Trail mix is my favorite nut and dried fruit snack. It’s low in salt and has no preservatives or oils used in processing so it tastes very raw and natural. Again, easy recommendation since I love it so much!

Last, my recommendation for the Chips, Bars, and Jerky category is Peatos Crunchy Curls. They are made from peas, lentils, and favas. They are a healthier competitor to Cheetos. I love them! They are a great snack that is easily stored at work which makes it a great addition in case you forget about the yogurt or vegetables.

In summary there are many options for healthy snacks at work such as fruit, vegetables, yogurt, cheese, nuts, bars, and jerky. My recommendation is to plan ahead and have several non perishable snacks at your desk and then supplement this supply with bringing in some fruits and vegetables when you can. This will give you some variety while keeping things simple and maintainable.


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