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Kristi & TiffWe are sisters and friends.  We were chatting one day on the phone about the things we needed to get done and the things we wanted to get done.  Our lives have changed from what they used to be…I was an accountant at one of the “Big 4” accounting firms, working all sorts of crazy hours, traveling to fun places, servicing big name clients, and loving it (for the most part).  Tiff was an electrical engineer at one of the largest information technology firms in the world, engineering with wonderful hours, getting home at a good time everyday, creating technology used by millions, and loving it (all parts).

These days we are mothers, wives, and involved in a community surrounded by many others just like us. Some of us work part-time, some of us work full-time, some of us in our home, some of us in an office, some of us do not work now, some of us never have, but what we all have in common?  Passion about something!  Passion about our kids, passion about our past lives, passion about our present lives, passion about our hobbies, passion about topics of interest.

We want to write about what we know…and we want to hear what other Moms know. That’s our story!

-Kristi and Tiffany

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